UFC ring girl who starred in London teases OnlyFans content with raunchy bikini snaps

Camila Oliveira has made her OnlyFans no secret, and the stunning brunette has given fans a taste on Instagram with a series of raunchy bikini snaps on the platform.

Stunning UFC ring girl Camila Oliveira has teased her OnlyFans content with a series of jaw-dropping bikini snaps.

The American bombshell showed off her figure as she posed in a mirror wearing a sleek yellow bikini. Camila captioned the cheeky snap: “A tan before the event, right, guys,” and it has racked up almost 8,000 likes – and she was showered in praise in the comments.

However, that snap isn’t the only bikini snap Camila has shared – and she regularly teases her X-rated content on Instagram. And it’s not the first time she’s teased her OnlyFans, once even taking the chance for some free promotion in the UFC.

At UFC 257, Camila was one of the ring girls who lit up screens – and she used her TV time wisely.

It was Conor McGregor’s comeback bout with Dustin Poirier, and as fans noticed the brunette at ringside they flocked to her Instagram.

And anticipating the wave of followers, Camila shared a video of her strutting around in black lingerie. After showing off her sizeable assets, the video ends with a link to her OnlyFans page.

Last summer, Camila was the talk of the UFC world again as she wowed fans in London. After arriving in the English capital, Camila took to social media to show off her body in some black underwear. The stunning brunette added:

“Hello London,” before she uploaded some more snaps from the UFC event. Another video from her time in the UK showed her getting ready for the event, before a transition showed her at ringside.

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