Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Drops Jaws In Her Little Brown Dress

Model Mikayla Dermaiter is putting her bikini body on display in a little brown dress and her fans are saying that brown is now their new favorite color!

On Thursday afternoon, the former hockey goalie took to Instagram to share a whole Instagram carousel full of steamy photos that feature her posing in a new outfit and showing off all of her “best angles.”

On Thursday night, the social media sensation took to Instagram to share a whole Instagram carousel full of steamy snaps that feature her posing in a little brown dress.

Mikayla stands in front of the camera in a ribbed brown skirt and a matching crop top that feature the same chocolate brown color. She let a long-sleeve button-down brown shirt hang off her shoulders as she smolders for the shot.

In one photo, she has her manicured fingertips holding up a pair of glasses on top of her head. In the rest of the photos, the glasses stay on top of her head as the shirt starts to come off.

In a second snap, the Canadian model lets her long brown shirt fall down past her elbows as she gives fans a good look at her two-piece dress.

Her long blonde hair falls straight over her shoulders to reveal dangling earrings. She accessorized her look with a few silver rings and translucent open-toe heels that complimented her lean legs.

Mikayla tagged Los Angeles, California, as the location of her latest photo shoot. In the caption, she wrote, “had to post some photos from my best angles…coincidentally it seems to be all of them.”

n a third photo, the 22-year-old model turned around to give her followers a rear view of her outfit. She no longer lets the brown shirt hang freely behind her.

Now she has it tucked up around her elbows to show off the definition in her toned cheeks. Mikayla looks back at the camera over one shoulder, her glossy pink lips slightly parted for the shot.

Fans were quick to gush over her steamy snaps and Mikayla was quick to reply. “You are absolutely amazing, beautiful woman,” one fan gushed. “Thank you very much,” Mikayla replied.

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