Female carpenter leaves men distracted when she dresses up in bikini at work

The young carpenter showed off her woodworking skills on social media but people questioned her attire – leaving some viewers criticising the way she handled the dangerous equipment

A female carpenter has left people distracted after she posted videos of her doing woodwork in a bikini.


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The young worker, who goes by the name “hardwood bunny”, discovered her love for wooden crafts and sculptures when she was in college.She now runs a small business shop,

Stain and Ink, to sell DIY handcrafted products online.And to give fans an idea of her daily work, she recorded herself sawing the wood, sanding it and putting pieces together.

But her outfits left people with questions as she dressed up in a minuscule bikini and no apron.

In one video, she shows up in the workshop in a strappy bikini that barely covers her modesty and grabs her work gear to cut the wood board into smaller pieces.

Another similar video sees her wearing an industrial-grade face mask while sanding a board.

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