Demi Lovato Puts Her Body on Display For Her Single’s Cover Artwork

Demi Lovato is not holding back during her exciting Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas. The “Confident” singer will be performing new music on stage, the tour’s Twitter account revealed on June 29 before the debut concert in Atlanta.

“Well, the cats out of the bag,” read the caption beneath the single’s Sєxy artwork. “Tonight’s show will be EXTRA special!”

In the striking black-and-white photos for the single “Body Say,” shot by Patrick Ecclesine, Demi is posing t*pl*ss in bed and showing off her fit-as-heck body.

Let’s just say, these sensu*l photos are a great indication of how sultry the tune is IRL. Listen to it below and admire more of the sizzling snaps. When you’re done, why not take a scroll through Demi’s best performance outfits?

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